Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review – Is It Worth It?

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

This is My Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review Where I Will Tell You if Jaaxy is Worth the Money for Your Website.

I am actually using Jaaxy myself. And I actually use Jaaxy for all of the keywords I research (including the title of this article). I use Jaaxy every time I make a blog post to rank on Google. 

Mainly, what I will be covering in this review is what Jaaxy exactly is, what it does and what I like and don’t like about the keyword research tool.

Jaaxy Summary

Name: Jaaxy

Founders: Kyle Loudoun & Carson Lim

Product: Keyword Research Tool 

Price: Starter ($0) / Pro ($19/Month) / Enterprise ($49/Month)

Who It Is For: Beginners/Intermediates/Experts

Jaaxy Logo

Jaaxy is a keyword search engine tool which helps you to find you good quality keywords with your content so you can rank high in the search engines. A keyword tool plays a big role when it comes to SEO and how you can stand out compared to your competitors. 

What is Jaaxy

Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy is a keyword search engine tool which helps you to find you good quality keywords with your content so you can rank high in the search engines. A keyword tool plays a big role when it comes to SEO and how you can stand out compared to your competitors. It’s built specifically for affiliate marketers, but it can be used by other businesses as well. 

The Founders of Jaaxy

Kyle Loudoun

Kyle Loudoun

Carson Lim

Carson Lim

Kyle & Carson made Jaaxy because they weren’t satisfied with other the keywords out there, so they made their own keyword tool “Jaaxy“.

They are also the founders of the training platform “Wealthy Affiliate“. I have done a Wealthy Affiliate Review to let people know if it is a scam or not, and my thoughts on the platform.

Kyle & Carson are also the founders of the web hosting platform “SiteRubix“.

What Does Jaaxy Do?

What is a Keyword?

First off, what exactly is a keyword? Everything you type in the search engines is a keyword. For example, we can type “knitting” in Google and we will get different results that match the keyword “knitting”.

If you want to make money online and get free traffic then having a good keyword is absolutely essential if you want to get visitors to your website. That’s where a keyword research tool comes in. They will provide what keywords are good or bad.

Finding Keywords

The thing Jaaxy does is giving you results of the quality of a keyword you type into Jaaxy. After you have typed in your keyword you will see different results.

You will see “Avg“, “Traffic“, “QSR“, “KQI“, “SEO” and “Domains“. These will be explained in a second but let’s type in a keyword first and see the results we get. 

Let’s type: “How to make money” 

Jaaxy indicates if it is a good keyword or not. 

Jaaxy Keywords

As you can see we get a lot numbers and down below we also get additional keywords that match our original keyword. 

This will all be explained down below.


Avg” is the average searches on the search engines for a specific keyword every month. 

As you can see the Avg has an amount of 39194 average searches per month. 


Traffic” is the number of visitors you will get on your website if you rank on the first page in the search engines.

As you can see we will get 6663 visitors on our website with this keyword every month. That’s a lot of traffic. 


QSR” stands for “Quoted Search Results” which is basically the competition with that keyword. This means that you are competing with other people that use that exact keyword.

In this case, the QSR is 202 which means that you are competing with 202 other people that use that keyword. We want a low QSR because then there is a higher chance that your keyword will be ranked on the first page in the search engines because the competition is low.


KQI” stands for “Keyword Quality Indicator” which determines how good the keyword is. 

This means you have to be a bit specific in the keywords. Not too broad nor too specific.

I will tell you what this means. Let’s take the keyword “how to make money” again. That keyword has a score that is “Normal“. This means that the keyword is too broad and we need to get a more specific keyword to have a score that is “Great“. What we can do to get a “Great” keyword is getting more specific so we can add another word to the keyword. 

For example, the next keyword after “how to make money” is “how to make money now”. This keyword has a score that is “Great” because it’s more specific. 


SEO” is based on the amount of Traffic and QSR. The score is between 1-100 (1 is poor 100 is perfect).

If you have a high amount of traffic and a low QSR then you will get a high score of SEO. The higher traffic and lower QSR the better score you will get of SEO.

In this case with our keyword “how to make money” the SEO score is “75”. It’s not a terrible score but it could definitely be better. We have a good amount of traffic of 6663 but we also have a high QSR which is 202. If the QSR was lower then we would get a much higher SEO score because the competition would be lower.


So, in this case, the “Domains” tap is pretty irrelevant since it only shows domain names that are available or not available with that specific keyword. For example “Howtomakemoney.com, Howtomakemoney.org, etc. 

Why You Need a Keyword Research Tool to Rank

You’re probably thinking that you don’t need a keyword research tool to rank on Google. There is a chance that you will rank but the probability is very low if you just pick a random keyword you haven’t researched

How you will rank on Google really depends on the keyword you use. If you just pick a random keyword out the blue without any research if that keyword actually gets searched then most likely you won’t get traffic to your website. 

Here’s where the keyword research tool will actually provide a number of how many people search a specific keyword per month. You can’t do that yourself. That’s why you need a keyword research tool to do that.

How to rank as quickly as possible with a keyword tool

1. Low QSR (below 100)

2. High traffic (higher than 50)

3. A “Great” KQI score

… And that’s it. It’s not any more complicated than that.

Try Jaaxy Yourself

Additional Tools

Alphabet Soup

When you type in a keyword with the Alphabet Soup you will get different keywords that has your original keyword, but it has added a word that starts with a for example (if you start with the letter a of course. The letters are a to z) 

Let’s type in the keyword: “How to make money”

Top results

How to make money + a = How to learn how to make money from a blog

How to make money + b = how to learn how to make money from a blog

How to make money + c = how to make money at home making crafts

And so the list goes on…

Jaaxy Alphabet Soup

The alphabet soup is essentially walking through the alphabet using keywords. From a to z you will get keywords that starts with these letters. This will help you find good keywords or keywords ideas.

Just drag on top or scroll down and you will go through the alphabet. 

Saved Lists

Saved Lists is a pretty good tool if you don’t want to write down every good keyword you find. What you have to do is to checkmark the keyword you want to save to the list and then it is added to the saved lists.

Search History

Search History is pretty self-explanatory. It basically shows the history of all the keywords you have searched into Jaaxy

Search Analysis

Search Analysis is essentially typing in your specific keyword in Jaaxy and Jaaxy will provide the top results of websites that have that specific keyword.

Let’s type in the keyword: “How to make money”

Jaaxy Search Analysis

The top result shows a blog post from the website; TheSimpleDollar. This blog post is on the first position on Google

Word count: 4926

Links On Site: 156

Back Links: 1

Alexa Rank: 17239

Adsense: No

This is really useful information if you want to rank high in google with a specific keyword.

Since you know your competitors’ information with this keyword you have an advantage because now you know what you have to do in terms of SEO

You need to do better than them. This could be a higher word count, more links on the site, more backlinks or an Alexa rank. But remember high-quality content is the most important factor when it comes to SEO

Affiliate Programs

Let’s say you’re making a blog post about fitness so you want an affiliate program that has to do with fitness. 

You can simply type in “fitness” and you will get products about fitness you can promote.

Jaaxy Affiliate Programs

Here you will get different product that are articles, courses, etc. You will also see the commission you will get for each product you promote.

In this case, the commission for the products is between 20% – 70%.

Jaaxy has four different affiliate programs you can choose from:

1. Commission Junction

2. Link Share

3. Digital River

4. Click Bank

These affiliate programs have a lot of products you can promote and even get a high commission (with Click Bank having the highest commssions).


Brainstorm is where you brainstorm different keywords together. Here you can also see the trends on the internet to add to your keyword.

Jaaxy Brainstorm


SiteRank is where you can see what position your website is ranked on the search engines. You can also see what position your content is positioned. 

From the Search Analysis, we know that the website TheSimpleDollar is positioned on the first position in Google with the keyword “How to make money”. We can type that into Jaaxy and as you can see Jaaxy says that the article is on the first position on Google.

This tool is built to give you the position of your content in the search engines. This will give you an idea whether or not you should work on SEO on your content if you don’t rank high in the search engines (preferably we want to rank on the first page).

Jaaxy SiteRank

Jaaxy's Affiliate Program

Jaaxy also has its own affiliate program.

You will get a 40% monthly recurring commission for every new member you refer to Jaaxy. You can do this too if you are a Starter (free of charge). 

Free Keyword Training

It is not enough to just find a good keyword and just use that as the title of your content. There is a whole process that goes into that if you want to rank on the first page of the search engines. You have to learn a lot more than just keywords to rank. 

Luckily there is training that covers this. Down below you can get your free training. All you have to do is to create an account and you will get access to the lesson.

Let's See If It Works

QSR Search Results

Since QSR is the competition of the keyword we can actually see if the QSR match with search results Google tells us.

Let’s type in the keyword; “how to make a passive income online“.

Jaaxy QSR

We get a QSR of 55 from Jaaxy which are others’ content you have to compete against that uses that exact keyword.

Let’s type in the keyword in Google, but this time we have to use quotation marks to see the competition to that exact keyword.

Google QSR

These are other posts or content you have to compete against. This basically shows that you are competing with 40 other people that try to rank on Google with that specific keyword. 

Jaaxy gives us a QSR of 55 which is pretty accurate compared to what Google says which is a competition of 40. Remember Jaaxy also counts in Bing and Yahoo. Not just Google as a QSR.

This actually depends on which language you use on Google. When I use English as the language on Google it will give a competition of 40, but if I switch to Danish, for example, I will get a competition of 50.

This can be a bit confusing, however, Jaaxy still seems to be very accurate in terms of competition nevertheless.

Options & Pricing Details

Starter Member

The main things you will get access to as a Starter Member is:

  1. 30 Keyword Searches
  2. 20 Search Results
  3. 30 SiteRank Analysis Scans
Pro Member

The main things you will get access to as a Pro Member is:

  1. Unlimited Searches
  2. Unlimited Search Results
  3. 2000 SiteRank Analysis Scans
Enterprise Member

The main things you will get access to as an Enterprise Member is:

  1. Everything from Pro but 5x faster with more search results
  2. Automated QSR
  3. 10,000 SiteRank Analysis Scans


So how much does Jaaxy cost? There is 3 upscales. There is the “Starter”, the “Pro” and “Enterprise”

As a Starter Member, it is Free to join. As a Pro or Enterprise member, you can pay monthly.







Get Started as a Starter, Pro or Enterprise

What I like About Jaaxy

Accurate, Fast & Easy to Use

What usually takes hours to do now takes a couple of seconds. All the information you need comes up in a matter of seconds. If you had to research keywords yourself without a keyword tool it will take hours to do. 

As we have discovered earlier Jaaxy is pretty accurate when it comes to competition. 

It basically has every tool you need if you want to rank on the first page. It even comes with step-by-step video tutorials by the co-founder Kyle himself so you know exactly how to use Jaaxy.

Advantage Compared to Your Competitors

You have to your competitors’ information, like their position on the search engines, their meta title, and what they have done in terms of SEO

This gives you a pretty big advantage since and you can know what they do to rank in the search engines and maybe you can do it better than them.

It's Free to Try Yourself

If you don’t like the keyword tool then you don’t have to think about getting your money back.

You pretty much have access to everything, but it is limited to how many times you can use it. That’s why I think the Pro membership is the best option if you’re to make a blog or an online business if you want to use SEO as a source of traffic.

What I Don't Like About Jaaxy

Exact Amount of Traffic is NOT Guaranteed

They claim that you are guaranteed an x amount of traffic IF you rank on the first page on the search engines. Realistically this cannot be guaranteed. 

Let’s say that Jaaxy gives a result this is 6663 of traffic per month. You can’t expect to get exactly 6663 visitors per month. It might still come close to 6663.

What they should do instead is to view 2 estimated numbers, between 4000 – 7000 for example, instead showing the exact number of visitors they claim you will get per month. 

Remember you have to rank on the FIRST PAGE on the search engines to get a number of visitors that is even close to 6663. 

Is Jaaxy Worth It?

Overall rating:

This is probably the ultimate keyword tool for affiliate marketers on the market. Literally, thousands are using this keyword tool to rank on Google.

I have given it 4.5 stars as it is probably one of the best keyword research tools there is. 

If you are an affiliate marketer or you have an online business then this is the keyword research tool to get. 

As you have probably noticed I am promoting Jaaxy on the right side of this article. And I know what you’re thinking; You’re only promoting Jaaxy because you’ll get money out of it.

…Look, I am a member of Jaaxy and pay to have it as a service every month. I wouldn’t pay for a product I didn’t think was useful for an online business, and certainly not promote it.

Why not give it a go yourself? It’s free!

  1. Emily
    September 1, 2019 at 10:51 pm

    Great Review! All the need-to-know information about Jaaxy and how to use it was clearly presented as was the “bonus material” like the added benefits of paid memberships and who could really use them.

    I am new to WA but have been using and am very impressed with Jaaxy (and that’s just as a starter). I didn’t know that Kyle and Carson invented Jaaxy. Wow you guys! Thanks again for sharing your expertise with all of us!

    • Vincent
      September 2, 2019 at 1:05 pm

      Thanks, Emily. I tried to be as thorough as I could. Yes, they founded Jaaxy which is very impressive considering all the platforms they have founded.

  2. Fran
    August 15, 2019 at 6:28 am

    What an excellent, thorough review of Jaaxy!  I was so impressed with it that I bookmarked it so I can refer back to it later.

    I, too, use Jaaxy, every day.  It is such a great tool for finding the absolute best keyword for what you are writing.  Its information is so helpful for you when you are trying to rank on search engines.  Folks who do not have this great tool would be wise to add it to their tool arsenal.  I don’t know how I would get along without it.

    Thanks for posting this information.  I’m sure folks looking for such a tool who read your article will want Jaaxy for themselves.

    • Vincent
      August 16, 2019 at 8:45 pm

      Thank you, Fran. It means a lot. It really is a great keyword tool everyone should use.

  3. Gravatar Support
    Gravatar Support
    August 15, 2019 at 3:56 am

    The site provided very detailed content. It will be great if you can show how it will help in the ranking in google and other search engines.

    When I click on Choose Your Plan, can it be open as a new tab instead as I can refer back to site content?

    Overall I find this very useful to direct traffic to your website and have tried this and it really helps.

    Thank you.

    • Vincent
      August 15, 2019 at 11:58 am

      Thank you, Gravatar. I’m surprised that you commented on this post. I will definitely take this advice to heart and change a couple of things. 

  4. Henderson
    August 14, 2019 at 4:11 am

    I’m glad you can explain what jaxxy is about because after joining wealthy affiliate, I had someone post it on my profile about making the best of it. Now I know what it means and how it can help my site get traffic and generate visitors that can become customers. Also, I get ranked very well through seo. That’s very awesome. I’ll be sure to make the vest of it as I was told. Thanks to you, I know what it all entails. 

    • Vincent
      Vincent • Post Author •
      August 16, 2019 at 8:44 pm

      Of course Henderson. I think Jaaxy is one of the best keyword tools out there, and if you can make use of it correctly you will be an expert in keywords in no time!

  5. RoDarrick
    August 13, 2019 at 9:48 pm

    For the fact that it can be tried out for free or considering the meager amount it costs and juxtaposing it with the excellent features that jaaxy offers, I believe it is the best possible keyword research tool anyone could ask for. Wow! What I like most about it is the fact that it allows one to peep into the competitors and learn about things they are excelling at to which one lacks and the various ways it helps in selecting the best possible keywords for very contents. Wow! I’m definitely going to try this out. Thanks

    • Vincent
      Vincent • Post Author •
      August 16, 2019 at 8:41 pm

      I think so too RoDarrick. The amount of information we get gives us a huge start compared to our competitors. 

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