Is Wealthy Affiliate a SCAM? – Here’s Why It’s NOT Worth 5 Stars

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

This is My HONEST Opinion About WA in This Wealthy Affiliate Review. So Is Wealthy Affiliate a SCAM – Here’s Why It’s NOT Worth 5 Stars.

I am currently a member of Wealthy Affiliate since March 2019.

I will reveal basic information, what you will get from WA and whether or not Wealthy Affiliate is a scam.

Wealthy Affiliate Summary

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Founders: Kyle Loudoun & Carson Lim

Product: Affiliate/Business Platform 

Price: Starter ($0) Premium ($49/Month)

Who It Is For: Beginners/Intermediates

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is an affiliate marketing/business training platform online where they try to educate their members in online marketing (primarily affiliate marketing) and how you can start an online business from scratch.

What is Wealthy Affiliate

Affiliate/Business Platform

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is an affiliate marketing/business training platform online where they try to educate their members in online marketing (primarily affiliate marketing) and how you can start an online business from scratch.

Mainly the step-by-step training happens through video courses by the co-founder Kyle.

Wealthy Affiliate has been a training platform since 2005 with the founders Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim. The platform has over 1,000,000 members.

The Founders of Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle Loudoun

Kyle Loudoun

Carson Lim

Carson Lim

The founders of Wealthy Affiliate are Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim. They are both Canadians and have a passion for online marketing, teaching and helping others to succeed. Both have a combined 26 years of experience in online marketing

Since 2005 they constantly improve Wealthy Affiliate to better the experience for the members.  

They are also the founders of the keyword tool “Jaaxy” and the web hosting platform “SiteRubix“.


Although Wealthy Affiliate is mainly a training platform it is also a social platform. When you first get introduced to WA you will be able to create your own profile with a profile bio and a picture. 

You will be able to blog, create articles and training at WA. At the home page, you will see all the new articles or blogs people have written. 

Since every member has a profile you will be able to “follow” whoever you want on the platform (even the founders Kyle & Carson). When you follow a member you will get notified whenever they have made a blog or asked a question. You can also message any member privately.

On every member’s profile, you will see their profile picture, bio, blog, questions and the training they have created for the community.

There is also a LIVE-chat where people comment or ask questions LIVE so can you quickly communicate with the rest of the community.  

Training at Wealthy Affiliate

Online Entrepreneur Certification

Wealthy Affiliate Training

At the “Online Entrepreneur Certification” training, you will get 5 courses with 10 lessons in each course (50 lessons in total). These courses will cover how you can make a full-time income as an affiliate marketer.

You will mainly learn how you make money through affiliate links, SEO, how to make a website, tracking visitors, choosing a niche, etc.

Every lesson has different tasks for you to complete. Once you have completed a task you simply checkmark it off and continue with the next lesson or course.

Online Entrepreneur Certification Courses:

  • Getting Started

    The first course will introduce you to affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate. You will also learn about choosing your niche, making your very own website and posts.

  • Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website

    Here you will learn about how you will get traffic to your website using SEO and how to choose the right keywords that will rank high in google.

  • Making Money

    In this course you learn how you actually make money with your business. This is done various ways.

  • Mastering Social Engagement

    Here you will learn the importance of social media and how you use social media for your benefit and business.

  • Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

    Here you will learn a way to be successful as a content creator and speed up the process to success.

Affiliate Bootcamp

Wealthy Affiliate has its own affiliate program which is called “Affiliate Bootcamp“. So you can choose to be an affiliate for WA.

You will get affiliate training which is 7 additional courses with 10 lessons in each course (70 lessons in total).

You get a 50% monthly recurring commission for every new member that you introduce to Wealthy Affiliate through your affiliate link. This is pretty unheard of when it comes to affiliate programs.

These lessons are mainly about how you can promote Wealthy Affiliate and to do so successfully.

Affiliate Bootcamp Courses:

  • Getting Your Business Rolling

    In the first course, you will get introduced to the Affiliate Bootcamp and how you will earn money from Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Content, Keywords & Conversions

    Here you will learn about how you will get people to convert and what content you should create to do so. Here you learn more about SEO.

  • Giving Your Site Social Value

    Here you will mainly learn about what social networks you need to use, how to effectively share your content and how to make your content socially engaging.

  • Get Visual, Get Aesthetic, Get a Brand Through Social Media

    Here you will learn how to design converting website posts and how your visitors will have a good visual experience on your website.

  • Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals

    Here you will learn what you have to do earn money with Wealthy Affiliate. You will also learn a method to get even more people to visit your site and convert.

  • Bing, Yahoo & The Power of PPC

    Here you learn about PPC.

  • How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

    In the last course, you learn how to maximize your profits, PPC campaigns, scaling and monitor your results.

Training HG

You can get even more additional training that the main courses don’t cover like creating an email list or conversion rate optimization. These are lessons by the community who are mostly entrepreneurs themselves.

You will get 1000+ lessons which consist of tutorials, training videos and other courses. 

After several months being with WA you can create your own training which you can earn credits from.

Weekly LIVE Event Webinars

Every Friday/Saturday there is a LIVE webinar by MagiStudios (Jay Neill) who has been with Wealthy Affiliate for over 12 years. Since the webinars are LIVE people can ask LIVE questions in the chat and Jay will answer them.

Jay has a vast experience with SEO, online marketing, PPC and website development. What he will cover in these webinars are topics like; SEO, making websites, marketing funnels, etc.

A typical Webinar example: Jay will live stream where he will, for example, talk about SEO and will you show step-by-step how he SEO a blog post to rank high in Google

Don’t worry, every live stream is recorded so you can watch them anytime you want after the live stream is over. 

Tools & Support


Jaaxy is a keyword tool which is founded by Kyle & Carson.

Since Kyle & Carson are the founders of “Jaaxy” they have built the keyword tool directly into Wealthy Affiliate. This will help WA members to rank high in Google as keywords play a big role in SEO.

If you want you can research a keyword down below.


I have also made a review of Jaaxy and if you should use Jaaxy in your business. You view my review of Jaaxy here.

Webhosting & Domains

Wealthy Affiliate has its own web hosting which means that you can build and host your own website. You can also find a domain for your website.

Webhosting (SiteRubix)
SiteRubix is a Webhosting platform which is also founded by Kyle & Carson. They have also built the platform directly into Wealthy Affiliate, so you can host your website on Wealthy Affiliate.
Domains (SiteDomains)
SiteDomains is where you can create your own website domain (a domain is the name of your website. For example; the domain of this website is “”). Write your own domain and if it isn’t taken then it’s yours. 
You can choose to have a Free Domain or a domain you own yourself. Remember it will cost you about $15-$17 per year to keep the domain you own yourself (which is pretty cheap). 
If you already have an existing domain you can easily transfer it to WA 

Cash Credits

Cash Credits is the currency at Wealthy Affiliate (each Cash Credit is worth $0.5). You can earn Cash Credits for FREE or you can simply buy them with your own money ($10 for 20 Cash Credits)

How you can earn cash credits for FREE:

1. Create training

2. Leave SiteComments on WA websites

3. Leave SiteFeedback on WA websites

SiteFeedback & SiteComments

Comments and feedback are also a big part of WA. The WA community will give you comments and feedback on your websites. 

You can also offer comments and feedback yourself so you can earn Cash Credits for FREE.

Request Feedback
If you want to request feedback on your website you will have to use your Cash Credits to do so. To request 1 feedback you will have to use 2 Cash Credits.
This can be feedback on the content, design,  layout, the use of images and media or general feedback.

Offer Feedback

You can offer feedback for members of WA. Every time you give useful feedback on their websites you will earn 1 Cash Credit.


Request Comments

If you want to request comments on your website you will have to use your Cash Credits to do so. To request 1 comment you will have to use 2 Cash Credits.

Offer Comments

Each comment you leave and approved by the website owner you will earn 1 Cash Credit

These comments have to be relevant to the niche of the content on the website, so you can’t just leave random comments and expect to get Cash Credits for it. Usually, you can create a discussion, ask a question, offer experience or an opinion about the topic.  


SiteSupport works 24/7 which is your technical support if you have a technical problem regarding WA or your website. Send them a message and they will try to fix the problem (which they usually do).

Options & Pricing Details

Starter Member vs. Premium Member

Starter Member

The main things you will get access to as a starter member is:

  1. 20 lessons
  2. The keyword tool “Jaaxy” (30 keywords)
  3. Your own websites with Webhosting (create up to 2 websites)
Premium Member

As a premium member you will get access to everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. If you are a starter member you can upgrade to premium anytime you want. 

The main things you will get access to as a premium member is:

  1. All the training
  2. The keyword tool “Jaaxy” (unlimited searches)
  3. Your own websites with Webhosting (create up to 50 websites)

You can get more information between a starter member and a premium member here.


So how much does Wealthy Affiliate cost? There is only 2 upscales. There is the “Starter Member” and the “Premium Member.”

As a Starter Member, it is FREE to join. As a Premium Member, You can choose if you want to pay Monthly, for 6 Months or per Year. 

Starter Member


Premium Member


$39/Month For 6 Months 20% off (Save $60)

$30/Month For 1 Year 29% off (Save $229)

What I Like About WA

Learning How to be a Successful Affiliate Marketer

The training is high quality with videos and tutorials. Since it is step-by-step it is very easy to learn from it and put it into practice. They provide pretty much everything you need to know about affiliate marketing.

They provide all the tools you need on 1 website. This includes web hosting, a keyword tool, and a whole community.

Very Helpful Community

I have not encountered a more helpful community than this one. They are always keen to help you out when you have a problem. Usually, they would be happy to answer any questions you ask them.

They encourage and help each other to succeed so somehow there is very little negativity.

Also, SPAM is a given on a free platform, but there is very little of it on the home page. Since there are so many members that care about Wealthy Affiliate and are on there every day they report spam themselves. This makes it very easy for WA to remove any SPAM as quickly as possible.


I really like the SiteSupport system at WA. Since they work 24/7 it means that they will usually answer to you after 5 minutes. 

I have not encountered a single time where they couldn’t solve the technical problems I had.

You are Able to Private Message the Founders

This is actually pretty rare in any platform to actually communicate with the founders directly. It gives the impression that they really care about the community.

Giving Me the Right Mindset

Wealthy Affiliate cares a lot about having the right mindset. They say very early on in the training that it could take several months to make sales. They say that there is no shortcuts into this, so you won’t get rich quick if you don’t put in hard work.

This is when I knew the platform was legit and no “get-rich-quick-scheme“. They encourage you to put in hard work so you can see real results. 

Since I started with Wealthy Affiliate my mindset has changed completely. It has given me the right mindset into becoming an entrepreneur.

In the past, my mindset was holding me back. Thinking that it would be too difficult and expensive to start a business. I was completely wrong. It has never been easier!

It's FREE to Join & No Other Upsells Than Premium

It’s FREE to join Wealthy Affiliate so if you don’t like the platform you don’t have to worry about getting your money back.

Also, Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t have any other upsells than premium which is also pretty rare for a training platform. Usually, platforms would charge more and more money to get access to locked training on the platform. Platforms like these usually have several upsells, but luckily WA doesn’t.

With this valuable information and tools, I am surprised they don’t charge more. $49 per month is pretty cheap compared to what the platform has to offer. 

So why did I only give WA 4.4 stars and not 5? Find out below.

Here's Why WA is NOT Worth 5 Stars

It's Mostly for Beginners/Intermediates

There is not much training for experts. WA mostly offers the basics and more advanced training but not much training at expert level.

No Main Training About:

1. Conversion Rate Optimization

2. Email Marketing

3. Advertising

4. Starting an e-commerce store

These are topics you have to learn yourself which is pretty unfortunate since they are important if you want to maximize your success online.

It Can Take Several Months to Make Sales

This can be a bit frustrating but after some time i changed my view. I looked it as my own business. At the start of pretty much any business you won’t make any profit. This takes time.

Usually, it will take 3 months for WA members to make the first sale, but for others, it can take 6 months or more. This depends on you entirely. If you don’t put in the work then you won’t get results from it. No money will be handed to you. 

Although WA isn't Worth 5 Stars It is Pretty Close

There is a reason why Wealthy Affiliate is NOT worth 5 stars. I gave Wealthy Affiliate 4.4 stars since there is some training that should be added (however, this is NOT a big deal breaker). WA brings a lot of value and I would happily pay them every month to stay a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate.

However, this training could be added in the future. A lot of content gets updated at WA. There wasn’t always 5 courses in the first part of the training. A 5th course was added, so I wouldn’t be surprised that additional training for experts would be added in the future.

How You Will Succeed with WA


These are the main ingredients to succeed at Wealthy Affiliate (or pretty much anything in life). Wealthy Affiliate is no “get-rich-quick-scheme“. They provide all the tools and the information for you, but you have to put in the work yourself. 

Remember it can take months to make the first sale so it is really important that you STAY CONSISTENT and PATIENT. Nothing happens overnight.

Success at WA

These people make a full-time income using Wealthy Affiliate. These people are the living proof that affiliate marketing works! Down below you will see blogs of their success at Wealthy Affiliate.

The most important of it all is that they are ordinary people who make money from their passion.

If you somehow think they aren’t “real people” or “actors” I have PROOF they are REAL affiliate marketers from Wealthy Affiliate. I will provide with their blog post at Wealthy Affiliate so you can see for yourself.

Offically a Six Figure Business - 2018 Year End Report

- RD40

Click on the link to see the blog post:

Their blog post from Wealthy Affiliate

New Record: $1,300+ Per DAY! Affiliate Marketing Works & Rocks!

- littlemama

Click on the link to see the blog post:

Their blog post from Wealthy Affiliate

Joined the 10K Per Month Club. January Earnings $13,481.39


Click on the link to see the blog post:

Their blog post from Wealthy Affiliate

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

Overall rating:

So is Wealthy Affiliate a scam? You probably already know about my feelings towards Wealthy Affiliate by now.

Although Wealthy Affiliate is not worth 5 Stars, it’s definetly NOT a SCAM.

You may think I am biased since I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate (and to some extent I probably am) but I wouldn’t be a member if I didn’t know that this is one of the best platforms for affiliate marketers or entrepreneurs. I don’t want to pay for something every month I don’t believe in. 

I have made the conclusion that WA is probably the best platform on the internet for the newcomers and intermediates of affiliate marketing and the ones who want to start an online business.

  1. Success With a Home Business
    Success With a Home Business
    August 15, 2019 at 11:41 pm

    This is an excellent review of WA. The honesty comes through leaving no doubt about the trust factor. Without being brutal, the straight forward delivery of your review is clear and precise. As a member of WA myself I can attest to what you have posted here as being 100% true. And like you, I too predict that WA will further improve their platform with additional programs. Thanks for sharing and well written.


    • Vincent
      Vincent • Post Author •
      August 16, 2019 at 8:53 pm

      Thank you for all the feedback. It means a lot. I’m surprised how much that gets updated at WA. I really hope that we will get additional training soon.

  2. Henderson
    August 15, 2019 at 10:11 pm

    Great review you have here. Honestly, I just joined wealthy affiliate and I am very much of a beginner and I need to learn a few things so as to get on with the business of affiliate marketing and wa has all there is to have to learn. Having seen the training offered on the platform, I feel its really a great one that is worth any ones time. I am not really an expert so I can’t tell about how effective the training is for expert. I guess at the end of the day, one can learn all of that elsewhere. Great review anyway.

    • Vincent
      Vincent • Post Author •
      August 16, 2019 at 8:49 pm

      Thank you, Henderson. Wealthy Affiliate definitely gives most of the useful information out there. It is our job to maximize our success. Even if it is not from Wealthy Affiliate

  3. RoDarrick
    August 15, 2019 at 8:30 pm

    Wealthy Affiliate is a total package that would help any affiliate marketer or online marketer generally to getting started to making success with their online businesses. I love the support, the training, the help, the free will to communicate with the founders and the site hosting and research tools made available. True, wealthy affiliate is centred towards beginners and intermediaries but then, the chances of becoming a pro with constant practise and consistency is the reason I still like it. Thanks

    • Vincent
      Vincent • Post Author •
      August 16, 2019 at 8:47 pm

      Yes, consistency is the key to all this. Once you have been with Wealthy Affiliate you’re very keen into learning a lot more in online marketing. 

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