Wealthy Affiliate Review 2017 – Legit or Scam EXPOSED

Is it a scam?


This isn’t a long review with a bunch of pointless information. This is an honest review from someone who has been there and bought the T-shirt! Read the about me page for some extra info into my backstory. I have been deep into affiliate marketing since 2002 and it is currently my full time job. There are no lies in this review, i promise you i am a premium member on WA, you can even add me and send me a message if you need any help.

This is gonna be a short review on whether or not Wealthy Affiliate is a scam or legit. I can honestly whole heartedly tell you it is the best thing I have ever come across in my life. This isn’t so much a review but more of a motivational post i suppose. It really is light years ahead of any other platform I have used. ClickBank university was good but it was too basic and way overpriced. Although the ClickBank website is great for affiliate links.



I made over 1000 dollars last month without pushing a button. It was completely passive, have a look.

October Earnings

Why you should use Wealthy Affiliate

Guys, it really is a godsend. I didn’t create this blog with the intention people sing up for WA and don’t make any money. I set it up because I am a people person and I genuinely care. I was stuck in a job I hated and I knew I would never be happy doing that job. I could not be any happier that I found WA and I was able to leave my job and become a full time affiliate. I get that in the beginning you are full of scepticism, i assure you that everyone feels that way in the beginning, including myself. If you have determination and a laptop that is literally all you need. Persivere with it and you will get out of it what you put into it.


Wealthy Affiliate: My Number 1 Tool For Making Money Online.

1. It is completely FREE to join

2. The most supportive platform out there. You can even direct message the owners for help and tips.

3. It shows you step by step a foolproof way to make REAL MONEY.

4. The platform is constantly updated, yet the prices never rise.

5. It is actually shocking how much the community care about your success. We really do want you to do well.

6. Everything you need is included.

7. It is simple to use – it literally takes 1 minute to make a website.

8. There is a blackfriday sale that you can get here


The System

System Diagram

I figured a picture would give more detail. It really is just 4 easy steps that Kyle (the creator of Wealthy Affiliate) will walk you through every step of the way.


I can’t guarantee you success because ultimately it is up to you, but I can promise you the best training available without a doubt and that if you put in the effort and don’t give up you WILL make money.

Here is a link to the blackfriday Wealthy Affiliate sale =>>CLICK HERE


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