How To Rank Higher in Google & Bing.

If you have your own blog like this one, no doubt you want the site to rank higher in search engines.  The higher the rank the more traffic, the more traffic the more revenue. Simple. 

People ask me all the time how they create content that will rank high on google, it is a common place to get stuck.  This post should give you a clear understanding of what you should be doing.

Creating unique and high ranking content is a concept that I struggled with when beginning my marketing venture, it gets easier with practice and eventually becomes second nature. It is something that you will NEED to get good at if you want to have a high ranking blog.

Anyway, let’s get down to business.  There are two ways of approaching this, first we will look at googles.

Google’s Process

Google are looking for valuable content that is being shared by others, or yourself.  It is a good move to create a google+ account and post about your site, pasting the URL of course.  Although google claim to look for high content it is not uncommon to find a bunch of average information on the top pages of google.

After all, it is a machine that is crawling through these websites and looking for ‘keywords’.  Keywords are another extremely important factor when aiming for an authoratative site.  Google will look for these keywords and determine if your site is filled with valuable content. 

Keywords are decided by google but you can find them out using a program called Jaxxy or through a google search.  Keyword examples for affiliate marketing would be classes, online or passive income.  Keywords are basically relateable words that google identify in your site and magically raise the ranking.

Of course the AI of google is a lot more complicated than that but if you follow these steps you will get a high spot on search engines.

  1. Post unique content using keywords
  2. Backlink (have your link on other websites, you can comment on related forums asking people to check out your site)
  3. Have people comment on your site.
  4. Keep the plugins to a minimum (about 6)

Master Affiliates Process

As mentioned before there are two sure fire ways to get your site ranked high.  The content being published to your site and the backlinking to your website.

The best piece of advice I can give you is to look at the sites that are currently in the top 3 positions.  Have a look at their content and model yours around it. NEVER copy it directly, google will pick up on this and will punish your website.

If the google and bing algorithms have decided that this content is worthy of top 3 then it will do the same for you.

My second piece of cheat advice would be to use websites like fiverr. For a small fee you can have people backlink to your site and see your rankings boost pretty quickly.

Leave a comment if there is anything else you guys need to know!

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