How to Build a Wesbite Completely Free

Back in the good old days….

Only joking, the old days were pretty tough for internet marketers. Building a website was an ungodly sin, there was nothing I hated more, it was so tedious.

Thanks to some amazing platforms you can literally build a website at a click of a button, now that is a godsend! The strange thing is, people still do not know about this. If I were to ask a friend if they can build a website they would not know where to begin. If this is you then I will show you now!

Getting Started

The first step in building a website is deciding what your website will be based on and what the name of the website will be. You MUST make the website name relatable to the products on the site. Do not call it “Bob’s Lawnmowers” while you are selling antique vases!

As you can see this is an affiliate website, so Affiliate Master is a suitable name.

Now, click on this link to go to the program used to build this website:

It will take about 30 seconds to build your website (it is completely free).

Here is the catch – if you name your website it will be If you want to remove the siterubix you will have to purchase the domain which costs $10-$15 dollars a year. I recommend starting with the free website and practice adding great content before buying a domain.

You may even decide you want to move in to a different niche so you will require a new domain name.

The Benefits of Having a Website

Personally, I think everybody can benefit from having a website as they can all be monetized.

I have compiled a short list outlining people that would benefit from having a great website.

  1. Online/Affiliate Marketers.
  2. Business Owners/Selling a custom product.
  3. Bloggers.
  4. Celebrities.
  5. Local Businesses.
  6. Anyone with a passion or hobby.

The crazy thing is there are websites out there that will build a website for you and charge astronomical prices. They simply purchase a domain for $10 and charge you $80 for clicking the build button.

For sure the best thing to do is build one yourself and save the unnecessary fees. These sorts of websites that charge fees for doing things that you can do for a fraction of the price should always be avoided – they will grab hold of your udders and milk you dry I tell you!

Why Should I Build a Website?

If you have the patience to add content to your website then they can be a great addition to you and your bank account.

Here are some reasons for having a personal website:

  • It is completely free to do so, posing the question – why not?
  • Siterubix automatically makes your site mobile friendly, most people surf the web on their iPhone these days.
  • It is your own private getaway – personally I find writing blogs therapeutic and a great way to help others.
  • A website is an asset. You can monetize your site and achieve passive income after investing some time.


Online marketing is the future of millionaires and success stories. Everybody should be taking advantage of this amazing opportunity. We are in the age of the digital boom!

If you want to make money online then simply put – you require a website.

If you want to know how to make money online with your website then check our home page by clicking the link below or on the home tab.

How to make online income for free

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