Affiliate Marketing Classes – ClickBank Passive Income Review 2017

The most common question that I recieve is ‘Where can I recieve quality affiliate marketing classes?’  It takes a lot of hard work to answer this question and I invest much time into finding the best online classes to help people achieve their goals.

What we will be discussing today is a ClickBank program (not ClickBank University which we reviewed here).  This platform is head and shoulders above CBU, it is one of the most helpful classes that I have found online.  I have never found a marketing platform that helps you SO MUCH, it literally guides you through every step of the way with countless video and interviews.  Continue reading to hear about the affiliate marketing classes.

The only drawback with the pllatform is that there are only limited spaces, once their full it is full.

NOTE: This is a review of ClickBank Passive Income 4.0 (New Program).  We recommend that you do not sign up for any of the older versions as we scored them 2.2 out of 5.

ClickBank Passive Income

This is an ideal program for complete newbies to online marketing.  It is great in its simplicity, it is not full of technical know how like affilorama (reviewed here).  It is a completely different platform, this pretty much does everything for you and best of all you can get a FREE membership by clicking the link below.

Official link to free membership:

The 4.0 model has had a complete overhaul and progressed a staggering amount.  It has become an extremely unique platform as the affiliate marketing classes teach how to make easy sales without hounding people with emails (like most other online marketing platforms teach). 

The Drawbacks

There are some great and unique features of this platform but there are also some not so great.

The classes teach you to cold email, something that I am not a fan of (although it does not have to be done). Spamming people is something I have never tried but I cannot imagine it being very successful.


Although it is a pretty neat platform, I is not a platform that I would recommend.  It is for sure not as good as the 3 recommended platforms on our home page. 

I would give it a 3.5 out of 5.

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