Being an affiliate is somethingI have invested serious time into. My name is Adam and I suppose you could call me a veteran in affiliate marketing. I love everything involved with affiliate marketing (well, almost) and I have been fulfilling this passion since 2002.

This is not your typical get rich quick story that the internet is plastered with, this is an honest interpretation of the my journey and the program that changed things.

A Little Back Story

Growing up I always had big dreams… I knew i wanted something big, i just wasnt sure what. My first goal was to be a pro golfer, my hero was Tiger Woods of course. He could do it all, with every club in the bag, and to this day he holds the lowest score at Augusta. My problem, I couldn’t do it all and I wasn’t Tiger. Game plan destroyed.

Fast forward 12 years, when I was in school for Engineering. I did enjoy Engineering but i wasnt too thrilled about becoming an Engineer and working for the rest of my life, but I was very much interested in the business application side which strangely led me to marketing.

It was while I was in school during a lecture, that affiliate marketing was shown to me by a good friend. He was making some real money with it and offered to show me the ropes.

I Saw Others Succeeding, I Got to Work

That was it. I knew very well that if he could do it then there was no reason i couldn’t. I just had to get a grasp of the concept of affiliate marketing and how it worked. I also had to figure out how traffic worked.

My First 30 Days Online

My first 30 days were hectic, there were no website making platforms like SiteRubix so i had to do it all myself.  I pretty much spent the full 30 days, every day working on producing this webiste.  Looking back at it it really was one ugly website, but something i was proud of at the time.

So my first month was building a website, something you can do in a minute today.

The 3-Month Mark

I made my first sale near the 3 month mark.  I had no idea about search optimization at this point so i started with PPC word on a budget of under 5 dollars a day

I made a few more sales in my 3rd month.

The 6-Month Mark

This was when things started to look good for me. i realised that when you have a process in place all you have to do is scale it up and the money will do the same, no joke.

By month 6 i was making sales every day although my investment into ads started to rise also. I reached 10,000 per month around 6 months in..

The One-Year Mark

I graduated and became employed. That is what i had been programmed to do. So that is exactly what I did, I followed convention and I got a job that I didn’t love working as a graduate structural engineer.

I actually didn’t mind the work, but I didn’t love the environment. If you work in a normal job, you can probably appreciate that most people don’t want to be there and it can really drag you down.

Things were going very well fro me in affiliate marketing by this point though and i was able to quit my job ater only 4 months of being there. It was scary, but it felt amazing.

Then in 2005, Something Happened.

2005. The inception of WealthyAffiliate.com took place.

This was a game changer for me, it allowed me to elevate my earning quicker than I could have imagined. If WA was around in the beginning, I would never of had to even work it is that good.

12 years later, Wealthy Affiliate has evolved into the ONLY place internet entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers will ever need to go if they are looking create, grow or manage their businesses online. But it has been a lot of work.

The 15-Year Mark

Here I stand, 15 later being full time online. Most businesses don’t make it past 1 years, many more don’t make it past 5, and a very tiny percentage are thriving past 10. Why me?

I think my biggest quality and it is one that you should instill in yourself if you are struggling to achieve success online is to PUSH through the struggle. Keep at it.

A very small percentage of people out there are willing to push forward and push harder when times are tough. Why? Because QUITTING is the absolute easiest and most efficient thing you can do to remove yourself from any struggle. Don’t quit, don’t give up, and you will be WAY further ahead of 80% of people out there and also well on your way to creating a very successful affiliate marketing business online.

Trust me. I am not smarter than you, I just believe I work harder when it becomes hard to work!

My Mission With AffiliateMaster.com

Like the name, I want to bring a lot of reality to the affiliate marketing world. There is a lot of outdated and false information out there and there are a lot of expectations that people have without truly understand what is involved in affiliate marketing.

I am going to shine the light on the affiliate world and provide you with a full spectrum of current, insightful and sometimes opinionated content that is based on my over 15 years experience within this space.

This includes everything from traffic generation methods, website development and design, affiliate marketing related product and service reviews, as well as straight up opinions that I feel need to get heard.

I am speaking on behalf of an industry and a base of affiliates that often times doesn’t have a voice, but also speaking on behalf of merchants and affiliate programs that truly need that extra push to extend their reach within this incredible world we have come to know as affiliate marketing.

Join the journey with me. Follow me. Ask me for help. Offer your own opinions. Thanks for stopping by Affiliate Master and listening to my story. Your story can be just as incredible and exciting with a little hard work and dedication.

Let’s make the affiliate magic happen,