5 Steps To Getting Free Backlinks

Having trouble getting backlinking to your website? Follow these steps and you will be laughing!

Due to the recent google updates, back linking has become quite a difficult task and sure ain’t like the old days!

According to Google, in order to be in first place your content must be more valuable than what is currently sitting pretty at the top.

The first step is an obvious one. You look at the content that is ranking first and make your content better than theirs. You can pretty much model the content they have then add in some more valuable information, even a YouTube video or pictures.

What Are Organic Backlinks?

For those of you who do not know what backlinks are I will give a brief description.

Backlinks are when people share your content, proving to google that it is valuable. As simple as that.

5 Steps

Create Controversial Content

This is not always the nicest way to get attention but my word can it be effective.

You could join a forum and start disagreeing with some reviews and say why yours is better, try not to go overboard though as it may backfire.

Participate in Forums

As I have stated many times, this is the best way to get back links for free. You join an active forum and post your reviews.

To go even better, you can add some ‘how to’ videos which is a surefire way to get some attention.

Do Some Unique Research

Research some topics that haven’t been done before.

This could be on a brand new product that doesn’t have reviews, you are guaranteed first spot and back links!

Start Blogging

Add a blog to your website. A blog allows you to have a greater amount of content on your site and an increase in keywords. It will allow for you to become a real authority in your niche and show people that you are trying to help others.

Using Social Platforms

The majority of people these days (although it is sad to say) spend their time on Facebook or twitter reading about other peoples great lives or their problems.

Your content may be just what they need, sharing on social media could not be any easier as they only need to retweet or share!

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